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DIN Fastener-Pins,Nails

DIN Fastener:

DIN-Cap nuts
DIN-Castle nuts
DIN-Clevis pins
DIN-Clevis pins
DIN-Knurled nuts

DIN-Shim rings
DIN-Slotted head screws
DIN-Square head bolts
DIN-Square nuts

DIN-Tapping screws
DIN-Thread forming screws

DIN-Washers for use in structural steelwork
DIN-Weld nuts
DIN-Weld screws
DIN-Wood screws

DIN-Cross recessed head screws
DIN-Double end studs


DIN-Hexagon head bolts and screws
DIN-Hexagon head bolts and screws for use in DIN-Structural steelwork
DIN-Drilling screws with tapping screw thread

DIN-Split pins
DIN-Plain washers
DIN-Hexalobular head bolts

DIN-Prevailing torque type nuts
DIN-Sepcial washers
DIN-Miscellaneous bolts and screws
DIN-Miscellaneous nuts

DIN-Retaining rings




DIN  Fastener


--Taper pins with thread ends and constant taper lengths

DIN 258

--Grooved pins,half - length grooved,with gorge

DIN 1469

--Rivet pins

DIN 7341

--Unhardened taper pins(ISO 2339:1986)

DIN EN 22339 | Replace DIN 1

--Unhardened taper pins with internal thread(ISO 8736:1986)

DIN EN 28736 | Replace DIN 7978

--Unhardened taper pins with external thread (ISO 8737:1986)

DIN EN 28737 | Replace DIN 7977

--Parallel pins,of unhardened steel and austenitic stainless steel(ISO 2338:1997)

DIN EN ISO 2338 | Replace DIN 7

--Parallel pins whit internal thread,of unhardened steel and austenitic stainless steel(ISO 8733:1997)

DIN EN ISO 8733 | Replace DIN 7979

--Parallel pins,of hardened steel or martensitic stainless steel(Dowel pins)(ISO 8734:1997)

DIN EN ISO 8734 | Replace DIN 6325

--Parallel pins with internal thread,of hardened steel and martensitic stainless steel(ISO 8735:1997)

DIN EN ISO 8735 | Replace DIN 7979

--Grooved pins,full - length parallel grooved,with pilot (ISO 8739:1997)

DIN EN ISO 8739 | Replace DIN 1470

--Grooved pins,full - length parallel grooved,with chamfer(ISO 8740:1997)

DIN EN ISO 8740 | Replace DIN 1473

--Grooved pins,half - length reverse - taper grooved (ISO 8741:1997)

DIN EN ISO 8741 | Replace DIN 1474

--Grooved pins,one - third -length centre grooved (ISO 8742:1997)

DIN EN ISO 8742 | Replace DIN 1475

--Grooved pins,half-length centre grooved (ISO 8743:1997)


--Grooved pins,full-length taper grooved (ISO 8744:1997)

DIN EN ISO 8744 | Replace DIN 1471

--Grooved pins,half-length taper grooved (ISO 8745:1997)

DIN EN ISO 8745 | Replace DIN 1472

--Grooved pins with round head (ISO 8746:1997)

DIN EN ISO 8746 | Replace DIN 1476

--Grooved pins with countersunk head (ISO 8747:1997)

DIN EN ISO 8747 | Replace DIN 1477


--Round plain head nails for use in automatic nailing machines

DIN 1143-1

--Nails for the installation of wood wool composite panels

DIN 1144

--Round plain head and countersunk head wire nails

DIN 1151

--Round lost head wire nails

DIN 1152

--Decorator's tacks

DIN 1157

--Wall hooks

DIN 1158

--Clout or slate nails

DIN 1160

--Moulding nails

DIN 1163

--Accessories for the installation of gypsum plasterboard-Nails

DIN 18182-4

--Nails for assembling timber pallets

DIN 68163

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DIN Fastener-Pins,Nails