Pipe Clamp Assembly Instruction

Wenzhou Nanlong Import&Export Trading CO.,LTD.(China)|Pipe Clamp Assemly Instruction
Pipe Clamp Assemly Instruction

Pipe Clamp Assembly Instruction

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Pipe Clamp Assembly Instruction)

This Website describes hydraulic pressure products-Tube Clam(Pipe Clamp) in China.Wenzhou Nanlong Import&Export Trading CO.,LTD.(China)-There are General material of Tube Clam(Pipe Clamp) is plastic.If you wish to find much more hydraulic pressure products such as filter seriesi,level gauge series,click the catalogue and find your favorite in our website.Thank you.assembly instruction:assembly on to metal welding plates,weld metal welding plates on to a weight adjusted base.clip lower half of clamp on to welding plate and insert tube,then add second clamp-half and tighten with screws provided. donot weld with plastic clamp in positon.Assembly on rail-supports:rail-supports can be welded or screwed on with a fastening bracket.Insert rail nuts into rial and turn as far as it will go.(Ensure that spacing is right). Wedge on lower clamp-half.insert tube,add second calmp-half and tighten with screws provided.Construction assembly:weld on welding plate or rail support, or screw on tiwh a fixing bracket. wedge on lower clamp-half,insert tube,and upper clamp-half and tighten with fixing screws.(fixing screw to jut out).By applying a locking plate to the upper half of the clamp,the fixing screw is prevented from twisting.Then mount the second tube clamp in exactly the same way.

Pipe Clamp Assemly Instruction