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Tube Clamp|Pipe Clamp

Tube Clamp|Pipe ClampProperties,Polypropylene(PP),polyamide 6(PA 6),Density,0.0906,1.12-1.15g,36N,130-200,flexuarl deflection,impact resistance,compressive strenght,

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Tube Clamp|Pipe Clamp|China)

This Website describes hydraulic pressure products-Tube Clam(Pipe Clamp) in China.Wenzhou Nanlong Import&Export Trading CO.,LTD.(China)-There are General material of Tube Clam(Pipe Clamp) is not only plastic(such as polypropylenein,polyamide) but also are aluminium,stainless steel(304,316...).There are various kinds of the pipe clamp(tube clamp),light Pipe clamp (tube clamp) (DIN 3015 Teil1),heavyPipe clamp (tube clamp)(DIN 3015 Teil2),twin tube clamp(Pipe clamp),small Pipe clamp (tube clamp) ,heavy Pipe clamp (tube clamp) with rubber inside Pipe clamp (tube clamp.About the construction, there are grooved inside or smooth inside,weld plate-slot head screws and washers,clamp halves,some with rail nuts,sockets headscrews,If you wish to find much more hydraulic pressure products such as filter seriesi,level gauge series,click the catalogue and find your favorite in our website.Thank you.)

Tube Clamp|Pipe Clamp|China