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Fastener|indutrial fastener|Flat washer,Split pin,Spring washer



Split pin


Name:Split pin
Particular:        Standard: JIS B 1351,ISO 1234,ASME/ANSI B 18.8.1,GB /T 91,DIN 94,BS 1574,NF E 25-774,BS 1574

Fastener|industrial fastener|Flat washer|Split pin|Spring washer
Spring washer Name:Spring washer
Particular:        Standard: DIN 128,DIN 6905,DIN 127,DIN 6913,DIN 7980,DIN137,DIN 6796,DIN 2093,JIS B 1251,GB /T 7244,GB /T 7245,GB /T 7246,GB /T 93,GB /T 859,GB /T 9074.26,ASME/ANSI B 18.21.2M,ASME/ANSI B 18.21.2M,ASME/ANSI B 18.21.1,ASME/ANSI B 18.21.3,UNI 1751-1941,NF E 25-512,NF E 25-510,NF E 25-104
Fastener|indutrial fastener- Flat washer Name:Flat washer
Particular:        Standard:
GB /T 97.3,GB /T 97.2,GB /T 96,GB /T 97.1,GB /T 95,JIS B 1256,GB /T 5287,DIN 988,ISO 7089,ISO 7416,ISO 8738,ISO 10669,ISO 10669,ISO 10673,ISO 7090,ISO 7091,ISO 7092,ISO 7093,ISO 7094,ISO 7415,DIN 125,DIN 126,DIN 433-1,DIN 433-2,DIN 440,DIN 1441,DIN 6340,DIN 1052,DIN 6902,DIN 7989,ASME/ANSI B 18.22.1,DIN 7349,DIN 89347,JIS B 1258,JIS B 1186,ASME/ANSI B 18.22M,ASTM F436,ASTM F436M,EN 14399-5,EN 14399-6,EN 14399-9,UNI 1750,UNI 1734,UNI 6952,UNI 6593,BS 3410,BS 4395-1,IFI 542,NF E 25-513,BS 4320,BS 3410,AS /NZS 1252,NF E 25-518,AS /NZS 1559,DIN 34820

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This Website describes industrial fastener in China.Wenzhou Nanlong Import&Export Trading CO.,LTD.(China)-There are other general kinds(e.g. Flat washer,Split pin,Spring washer) ,and surf to next page you could also find theGeneral Screw(e.g. Drywall screw, Chipboard screw,Set screw,Self-drilling tapping screw ,Pan head tapping screw,Machine screw,Flat head tapping screw),non-standard fastener,General kinds(e.g. screw ,nut,bolt).And the the material are stainless steel (TP304-18-8,316,316L,310S.309S..317L.347H,904L...),carbon steel (C1018 C1022),aluminium,brass and so no. pin:DIN Fastener-Clevis pins,DIN Fastener-Clevis pins,DIN Fastener-Pins,DIN Fastener-Split pins,Dowl Pins,IFI Fastener-Straight Pin,IFI Fastener-Grooved Pins and Spring Pins,IFI Fastener-aper Pins. Rivet:IFI Fastener-Break Mandrel Blind Rivets,IFI Fastener-Break Mandrel Closed End Blind Rivets,Muti_Grip Flush Break Pull Mandrel Self-Plugging Blind Rivets,Pull Through Mandrel Blind Rivets,Structural Flush Break Pull Mandrel Self-Plugging Blind Rivets,Structural Splitting Self-Plugging Pull Mandrel Blind Rivets,Small Solid Rivets 7/16 In. Nominal Diameter and Smaller. Washer:Hardened Stell Washers,Lock Washers,Plain washers,Sepcial washers,Washers for use in structural steelwork.Key,Nail...

Flat washer,Split pin,Spring washer|Fastener|Industrial Fastener|China