IFI 136 Bent Studs

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IFI 136 Bent Studs


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IFI 136 Bent Studs


IFI 136 Bent Studs,U-Bolt Square Bend
IFI 136 Bent Studs,U-Bolt Round Bend
IFI 136 Bent Studs,Eye Bolt Open
U-Bolt Square Bend
U-Bolt Round Bend
Eye Bolt Open
IFI 136 Bent Studs,Eye Bolt Closed
IFI 136 Bent Studs,Hook Bolt,Right Angle Bend
IFI 136 Bent Studs,Hook Bolt,Square Bend
Eye Bolt Closed
Hook Bolt,Right Angle Bend
Hook Bolt,Square Bend
IFI 136 Bent Studs,Hook Bolt,Special
IFI 136 Bent Studs, Hook Bolt,Round Bend
IFI 136 Bent Studs,J-Bolt
Hook Bolt,Special
Hook Bolt,Round Bend

Type : Bent bolts may be obtained in the basic designs illustrated above.The buyer is responsibe for specifying dimensions,material & mechanical requirements.

Size : The nomial bolt size is the nomial size (basic ajor diameter) of the threaded portion.

Bend Diameter : The outside of the bent portion shall have no cracks. The inside diameter shall be related to diameter of the material and will vary depending upon grade specified.

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(IFI FASTENER|IFI 136 Bent Studs)

This Website describes DIN standard Fastener in China.Wenzhou Nanlong Import & Export Trading CO.,LTD.(China)-There are IFI 136 Bent Studs.And the the material are stainless steel (TP304-18-8,316,316L,310S.309S..317L.347H,904L...),carbon steel (C1018 C1022),aluminium,brass, titanium & titanium alloy(Ti G1,Gr2,G4,Gr5,G7) and so no.

IFI 136 Bent Studs